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Small Business Firewalls with Enterprise-Level Security.


The SonicWALL TZ Series is a complete Unified Threat Management firewall platform delivering multi-threat protection to home, small, remote and branch offices in an easy-to-use, low cost solution. Combining a deep packet inspection firewall, integrated gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention and content filtering support along with optional 802.11 b/g Wireless LAN access


The TZ Series is Best Used for:

» Home networks
» Small office of 1 - 50 employees
» Branch office needing VPN capabilities


Small business networks have to protect themselves against the same types of attacks as those faced by larger networks, and enterprises have to deal with the costs and complexities of their own internal processes. The Dell™ SonicWALL™ Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS) is the solution for businesses of all sizes, with Dell SonicWALL Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention, plus Application Intelligence and Control Service, Content Filtering Service and 24x7 technical support.


Sonicwall Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite includes the Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention and Application Intelligence and Control services to deliver intelligent, real-time network security protection against the latest blended threats, including viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, software vulnerabilities and other malicious code..


Content Filtering Service.


The Dell SonicWALL Content Filtering Service (CFS) addresses safety, security and productivity concerns by providing the controls to enforce internet use policies and block access to harmful and unproductive web content. Ideal for schools, businesses, libraries and government agencies.